to Darn it & Stitch 

 A beautiful riverside haberdashery in the heart of Southampton

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Something for everyone . . . . 


 Sewing Alterations and Repairs • 
Gorgeous Cottons and  Beautiful Dressmaking fabric  •  Reels of ribbon  • 

Beautiful buttons  •  Time-tested sewing tools  •  Craft Kits for all ages 

We are always on hand with any advice you may need to help you through your projects.

Whether your new to sewing, knitting or crochet or a total expert our beautiful shop filled with gorgeous fabrics, patterns, haberdashery and a rainbow of yarn will inspire you to start something new or complete an unfinished project that's just been waiting for that perfect ribbon, button or fabric......

I was pleasantly surprised when I wanted 2 jumpers needing patches (and a lot more besides) to be repaired. Both jumpers had seen better days, so I was amazed when they came back even better than they ever were, in the first place. Marks out of 10 ... 11, 12 and more. What a great job you've done to my jumpers. And all of this is just on my doorstep. hip, hip hooray!